Leveling Wooden or Conctete Sub-Floors

Having the existing sub-floor assessed by professionals such as Peterson Flooring is essential before installing any type of floor. This counts for concrete or wooden sub-flooring. Newly built homes seem to have less problems with sub-flooring than older ones. It is easiest to assess the state of the sub-flooring once it is laid bare. The assessment will include determining the best materials required to address any issues, the time required, and the anticipated cost. It is a lot harder to assess the sub-floor and determine the materials required, time and cost if it is covered by flooring such as tiles or carpets. If your hardwood flooring contractors are using unfinished flooring material the sub-floor only needs to be about 60%-80% even. This is because the flooring material will be worked on and finished off on site making it easier to compensate for the sub-flooring leveling requirements using hardwood floor leveling techniques.