Hardwood Floor Installation

At Peterson Flooring we perform a hardwood floor installation in the following ways: Engineered and solid – unfinished, solid engineered and pre-finished, wide planks, or regular strip, floating/engineered floors with long strip collection, and lastly laminated flooring.

When it’s the right time to choose which flooring will match your needs the most, you should take into account your particular room that will be utilized, what existing flooring or subfloor you currently have, and what designs are the best fit for you.

A prosperous hardwood floor repair or hardwood floor installation is more than just selecting the engineering, laminate, or hardwood, you also have to take into account the specie of your liking, grade, and color. Our hardwood flooring contractors at Peterson Flooring, strive to make sure our clients are properly informed about the kind of wood they are selecting. Making sure that you select a well-made product is our main goal.

A shiny wood floor refinishing makes your house look warm and accessible, and will add luxury and style to your office and business headquarters.

hardwood floor repair Service
These are some examples of modern wooden floors
Our hardwood floor repair Service
Dark finish
Our hardwood flooring contractors Service
Glossy light finish
hardwood floor refinishing Services
Gray tones
wood floor refinishing Services
hardwood flooring contractors Service
Longer planks (red finish)
Our hardwood floor refinishing Service
Reclaimed wood
Our wood floor refinishing Service
Vintage style
Our hardwood floor installation Service
Wire brushed
New BONA Colors
hardwood floor installation Services
Wood finish options
hardwood floor repair Services