Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The wear and tear from everyday foot traffic on your hardwood floors make them look dull and faded over time.
The expert hardwood flooring contractors at Peterson Flooring are very experienced in hardwood floor refinishing activities such removing scratches, nicks, and scuffs. We return your hardwood floors to its former brilliant shine and erase all evidence of the daily wear and tear.
We start most wood floor refinishing projects by sanding down the thin top layer, and making sure to fill any gaps before sealing and refinishing the top.

The finish of your wooden flooring can be changed and you have options such as stain or clear varnish. We ensure to use green products that are safe to you, your family, friends, and pets and also the environment. It is much quicker and safer to refurbish your hardwood floor than replacing it and it looks as good as new too.

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