In building terms, a complete flight of steps between two floors is referred to as stairs. Peterson Flooring often have hardwood stair refinishing projects and knows that there are many different elements that have to complete to build stairs such as:

Tread – The part of the stairway that you step on
Riser – The vertical part between each tread of the stair
Nosing – Protrudes over the riser beneath and is the edge part of the tread
Starting Step or Bullnose – The first step above the lower floor or landing that is wider than the other steps and rounded when stairs are open on one or both sides.
Stringer, Stringer board or String – The structural part that supports the treads and risers in standard staircases
Winders – Winders are steps with a narrow and wider side
Trim –  The decorative moldings used that in some instances also support stairway components

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